Securing our supplies – Is the UK sitting on a materials goldmine?

As the global scramble to secure access to raw materials gains pace, a range of metals and minerals are becoming even more important as we seek to bolster our domestic manufacturing resilience. Sectors such as construction, chemicals, steel, automotive, aerospace and machinery all depend on access to raw or recycled materials.

These strategically critical resources range from lithium, tin, and graphite through to nickel, copper, and scrap steel – the latter vital for the transition to lower carbon electric-arc furnace steel production. With a strong domestic scrap market and some advantageous natural resources, the UK is well placed to safeguard its access to these materials. This event will examine what is needed to leverage our domestic share of materials, in particular scrap steel, to ensure our industries can access the supplies they need. Topics will include the critical value of the UK scrap stocks, the strategic importance of raw materials, and ensuring our range of steel products can be produced using lower carbon, scrap-dependent EAF production.

UK Steel brings together a range of thought leaders from industry and academia to discuss these challenges and some of the solutions we will need to deploy. A fascinating series of discussions of interest to anyone within the manufacturing sector and materials supply chains.

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Speaker line up:

Welcome Sponsor: Joe Bush, Editor of The Manufacturer magazine. Joe is an experienced print and online journalist with experience in manufacturing, engineering, automation and electronics. Joe heads up The Manufacturer Editorial team and is responsible for content across the publishing portfolio, covering the length and breath of the UK manufacturing sector and the challenges currently being faced including supply chain, digital transformation, sustainability and skills. He also heads-up The Manufacturer Top 100 Awards which celebrates the best of manufacturing talent. He has previously been editor of a range of industrial titles including Electrical Engineering, Energy Management, Industrial Compliance, Automation, Components in Electronics and Electronic Specifier.

Journalist: Sylvia Pfeifer – As the FT’s industry correspondent, Sylvia covers the aerospace and defence industries, military procurement and the steel industry.

Academic expert: Cameron Pleydell-Pearce – Cameron leads the SUSTAIN Future Steel Manufacturing Hub, delivering cutting edge science and the engineering research required to create carbon neutral, resource-efficient UK steel supply chains, and is Professor of Engineering at Swansea University.

Metals recycling industry expert: Roger Morton is a chartered chemical engineer. He has worked in the recycling sector for the past 24 years, with 20 years in general management positions in chemicals, textiles and cement making. He co-founded Axion Recycled Polymers in 2001 and went on to join EMR (European Metals Recycling) Group in 2020 as Managing Director for Technology and Innovation. He leads EMR’s initiatives in developing new recycled steel and aluminium grades to support decarbonisation of bulk metal production, reusable steel for construction, battery and electric vehicle recycling, rare earth magnet recycling, and recycling of wind turbines and other renewable energy assets.

Steel industry expert: Chrysa Glystra – As Trade and Economics Policy Manager at UK Steel, Chrysa is responsible for trade policy and economic analysis for UK Steel, representing the sector’s interests to UK government. Chrysa also co-authored the Steel Scrap: a Strategic Raw Material for Net Zero Steel report.